Puppy Application Process

Puppy families are carefully selected. “Special Puppies for Special People.” Our puppies are a love and passion that gives a great joy in life. They are spoiled. They give their unconditional love freely, asking for not much more than love in return.

Questionnaire – We ask that you fill out a questionnaire so that we may get to know you. We would also like to know the name of your current and/or previous veterinarians with phone number. Please allow us five business days to review and complete this process. At this point, i will send you a pet suggestion sheet with the needed information to continue the application process.

Sales Agreement – Maplewood Cotons will send you a Sales Agreement in order that you may reserve your puppy. Our companion puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement. You will be required to spay/neuter, no earlier than ten months and before twelve months of age. Show/Breedable Coton contracts will vary depending upon the buyer and sellers conditions of sale. Please contact us for a contract for complete details.

PaymentA non refundable deposit of $300.00 dollars is required to reserve your puppy.  The balance of the purchase price is due at the time of pickup.  I accept money order , cashiers check or cash,  made out to Dell Ann Kuhn.

Puppy Return – Puppies may be returned unconditionally within forty eight hours of the purchase, no questions asked, for a full refund minus the $300.00 USD deposit. Please contact us for a contract for complete details.

Health Guarantee – Puppies will be examined at eight weeks prior to going to their new homes and are guaranteed one year against any hereditary disease. Dam/Sire have been health tested and certified. We will have records of their first vaccinations, Dam/Sire pedigrees and health testing results for both parents. We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns – no matter the puppy’s age.

Picking up your puppy – The puppies normally leave our home at eight or nine weeks of age. Of course factors such as the new family’s schedule or the puppy’s development can affect when the puppy will leave our home. A great deal of effort has been put into the socialization of our puppies. From the time of their birth until the day you meet them, it can be said with certainty that we have been preparing them for a place in a loving family and also a great social life. The puppies are handled every day, including their birth day. Just as with an infant, the puppies are soothed with soft music or white noise and then gradually introduced to the sounds of everyday life…phones ringing, children playing, a vacuum cleaner, dogs barking, car horns, lawn mowers. We make an effort to get the puppies to have met at least fifty people before they are to leave for a new family. This effort includes trips to the post office or bank, the hardware store, or a stroll through the neighborhood. We would urge you to dedicate this same endeavor to your puppy in order to continue in his or her positive development through to maturity. Ideal socialization for puppies is ten to sixteen weeks. This is a time when he or she will be eager and willing to learn with no questions asked. They will look to you for confidence and praise, ultimately building mutual bonds of love, protection, and respect to last for years. The family bond will begin the day that the puppy is brought to his or her new home. We ask that our puppies have three to five days of quality, undivided attention with its new family. The puppy needs security and love to transition into a new family and this special time cannot be recreated. You will receive a complete information packet with need information to care for your new Coton puppy. We would be pleased to answer any question or concern you may have during the lifetime of your Coton.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the application. Please remember to contact your veterinarian (see item 1 of this application) and let them know to expect a phone call. Please do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns with regard to any portion of the agreement, or purchase process.

Dell Ann

Download Puppy Questionnaire