Health Information

Breeders with the North American Coton  Association  must support its code of ethics in breeding and placing our puppies. Matings with health tested parents are a must to ensure a long healthy life for the puppies. Puppies should be at least eight weeks of age, and should come with written instructions regarding feeding, health, training and grooming.    The puppies are guaranteed for 1 year  against hereditary  diseases.
Reputable breeders will ask many questions of the  prospective buyers regarding their plans for housing and training.  Maplewood  Cotons require the puppies to be spayed or neutered and if the buyer can no longer keep the dog, or they are not satisfied with owning a Coton de Tulear, they will request that the dog be returned to them. We will withhold registration papers until proof is supplied that the puppy has been neutered or spayed. Written legal contracts between buyer and seller are common and recommended. When you purchase a Coton de Tulear from a reputable breeder you are not only receiving a puppy but a lifetime of help and advice.
It is wise for the buyer to become knowledgeable about those hereditary defects common to this breed. The buyer should question the breeder and make judgments as to the breeder’s feeling of responsibility regarding any testing which has been done on his breeding stock. It is within the buyer’s rights to request copies of that material. In other words, don’t settle for “the Vet says our dogs are fine–we’ve never had any problem with that.” Health testing certification can be found at: